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We are able to deliver a comprehensive management service through our trained and experienced staff in the company. Our service includes the following:



  • We will view your property give you an indication of the market rental you could obtain.
  • Peruse our extensive data base of possible applicants for a tenant
  • Advertise, market & give viewings of the property to prospective tenants
  • We offer credit checks, personal reference checks and income affordability checks on all possible tenants
  • Place only suitable tenants in your property
  • We would collect the deposit as well as first month’s rental & fees from the tenant
  • We will draw up the relevant Lease agreement and proceed to have everything signed
  • Payment of rental into your account
  • Retain the tenant’s deposit in our trust account
  • Perform the initial entrance inspection of the property with the tenant.

Commission structure for this service is as follows :

6 month lease - 50% of the first month’s rental
12 month lease - 6 % of the annual rental


This service would include all of the following:

  • Colleting of monthly rental
  • Credit control in respect of late payment or non-payment of rental
  • Attend to the paying of levies and rates on the owner’s request
  • Payment of rental into Lessor’s account
  • Monthly financial statements to the Lessor
  • Arranging of emergency maintenance or repairs
  • Optional project management or renovation to property fee of 15% of contract price
  • Negotiate lease renewal and rental escalation with the tenant on Lessor’s behalf
  • Inspection of the property at the end of the lease period
  • Arranging to the refund of tenants depost once property is vacated, has been inspected and reconciling any damages or cleaning costs.
  • Are able to arrange insurance on properties where necessary

Fees - Our fees for administration and lease renewals are varied between 10% - 15% depending on whether the property is a single residential unit or a block of units or whether it is furnished or unfurnished.